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Z come from "A Strong I AM" generation


The authentic transformation of Romania was amplified by the multiple crisis people went through. The financial crisis, the pandemic, the war, the inflation, all these have amplified the feeling of incertitude, which made people reflect more on what they can control and what they can not

Romanian people went through tough times in recent history as well, mainly related to communism. But those crisis following 2008 financial collapse were much more individually profound and transformational, as they put people face directly their own vulnerabilities – understand that the power of money and wealth is fragile, that life is short and that the unpredictable is not always coming from a system that you can fight with. The unpredictable is sometimes beyond human power, which is limited. It can come from nature, universe, egos, and the only way one can defend himself is to chose his battles and accept its vulnerabilities.

Such times of transformations impacted generations in different ways, as they are indifferent stages of development. But what is the most interesting to follow show they shape a generation that is currently under construction – namely generation Z


It is scientifically proven that childhood difficulties / challenges make you a stronger adult. Being trained in difficult times helps you be more prepared for them in the future

This seems to be valid for gen Z as well, as they share certain characteristics which are unique in current landscape:

They are the kids of the revolutionary Gen X , of the “fighters” and “strivers”

They were kids when financial crisis hit Romania in 2008 (as the rest of the world) and we could not blame ourselves or the country anymore

They are the kids they grew in between Romania and Spain / Italy or other placed where they parents got jobs for better living. Many need to grow with a separation anxiety which their parents handled well, as they kept being connected even if not sharing time and space with their parents continuously

They grew up having all available help from technology -everything they could not ask their parents as they were “at work” they found on the internet. And learned how to become merely independent

First generation that have a better relationship with their parents than their grandparents –which shows signs of healthy growth into adults

The studies we carried in 2023 on gen Z indicate the presence of a strong generation that does not take everything for granted

A generation that raised with a global, inclusive mindset and has multiple channels to access when needing guidance or help(mainly virtual world) – not just their parents or family

They consider freedom as being one of the most important values for them and they search themselves in everything they do, looking for guidance and support from dear ones or society spaces they chose to adhere to  

They grow up with the mindset that life is full of possibilities, but that does not mean you should grab them all but chose those that really make you happy –stick to what you love the most

Very interested in getting educated in things they enjoy the most, they will go extra mile for that, if supported

Following their heart with no struggle makes them be one of the most stabile and serene generation Romania has had so far

This is proven also by quantitative data that indicate how well rooted into values gen z really are

root priorities for gen z

Data also indicate the existence of a strong inner voice of these young people that helps them make more mature choices when planning their life. They want a safe and stable life, with less challenges or complications, but aligned to their values and doing what they like or are passionate about. They are less willing to sacrifice their happiness for ambitions

Their relationship with their parents is also remarkable, as gen Z was probably more connected with them than the generations before. They are also more aware of the importance of healthy parent roots. What research has proven is the Gen Z in Romania also inherits the fighting and perseverent attitude of their Gen X parents, yet with less struggle and frustration, as their childhood had been much easier and stable

The heritage of gen z comes mainly from the transformational gen x

if previous generations were much more inclined to search for progress and achievement, guided by ambitions and welfare dreams, Gen Z are just focusing more on living a happy life, with as minimum negative consequences as possible. Health, family and "enough" money seem to write the golden rules of well lived life

Together with gen z maybe an era is ending, mainly affecting consumerism, but another one just opens up, written on grounds of authenticity and positivity. For sure it is not going to be just joy, the system has its own faults like others before did. We will just wait and see, and watch it closely



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