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The challenge of deeper analysis and long term planning

How do we gain perseverance and discipline at individual & social level?

One of the preeminent trend in the last couple of years, as revealed by our annual Hunters survey, is called “deeper analysis”. It is obvious that once you pronounce the word “analysis” the descriptor of “deep” is almost implied. However, Romanians do not yet perform well in the area of long-term planning. The years of communism and the instability following afterwards have weakened any initiative for thorough thinking and building, as rules were changing the following day. People motivation, drive and confidence were eroded up to the level of avoiding the truth as a survival strategy. Many foreigners visiting Romania were wondering how come this is a poor country inhabited by poor people if you see so many luxury cars on streets, people wearing very nice clothes and lots of parties and holidays? Are Romanians showing off and wasting money? The truth is in between. Spending money when nothing is guaranteed around represented for years a coping mechanism “we are too poor to afford cheap products”, “if we do not buy now, we will never be able to, do not overthink it”
After the financial crisis in 2008, Romanians learned a very important lesson, however: that of accepting and looking at risks with less fear and more planning (or better analysis). The two years of pandemic crisis put even more accent on the necessity of prevention and planning. So the healing is in the process, yet it is pretty painful as this is one of the trends that opposes strongly the hedonistic & explorative side of the Romanian character

There are many blockages that people feel everyday at body, mind, spirit and societal level

At body level

  • Overthinking until getting stuck
  • You do not see the forest because of  the trees
  • Paying exaggerated attention to small but useless details
  • Try to reach perfection or otherwise do nothing instead
  • Mind others’ business instead your own – get focus only on what other people are doing bad instead of what they can do / already do better / good
  • Be extremely picky with less important things and situations and tend to neglect the truly important ones

At mind & spirit level

  • Defending yourself by stating you always know everything better - you always take  the best decisions and make the best choices
  • Feeling lonely against life situations - do not feel comfortable to ask for help, as you fear being rejected
  • Developing the feeling of inutility for doing different activities - if you reduce everything to the smallest details/ to the absurd, you suddenly stop seeing the point of life

At societal level

  • The expert’s complex: becoming rigid and inclined to reject others’ opinions/perspectives
  • Being afraid to trust others’ opinions or verdicts – somebody is always looking to cheat you, there is a conspiracy against you outside
  • Become over pragmatic – stop allowing yourself small life pleasures, get stuck in financial efficiency, utility, perspectives

In a world bombarded with information, making wise decisions becomes more difficult everyday. When you share a history of cultural insecurity things become even more complex. Therefore we salute Romanians effort to anchor themselves in deeper analysis and developing strong mind & body roots for their long term immunity and positive energy

How to apply deeper analysis? (*extracted from qualitative Hunters deep dive research)

  1. Do not take impulsive decisions
  2. Always have a contingency plan
  3. Save money for bad days
  4. Watch out for small details
  5. Take your time before making a decision
  6. Be wise & silent, do not share everything you plan
  7. Ask for advice to specialists
  8. Be aware of your limits, do not cross them
  9. Put your priorities in correct order (not everything is equally important)
  10. Be conscious, disciplined and serious, do what you plan


  • Risk assessment
  • Double check
  • Ask for help/ advice
  • In depth information
  • Rather defensive and avoiding mode
  • Build a solid decision with arguments and information: do not leave them by chance
  • Make sure you take the right way to follow:
  • Be aware and conscious
  • Prevent bad things to happen – or at least try so
  • Always be prepared! Stay focused, tuned, assertive to reality

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Do not leave important things in life happening by chance. Involve, track, inform, double check! Better feel safe than sorry. You are fully responsible for your own security and for the quality of your decisions.

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Direct, without nuances, extremely straightforward.

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Admit and understand the worst case scenario. Prepare your answers and your reaction, we are here to help, sustain, inspiring you to chose wisely. Our brand is taking your worries and future in serious.



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