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In trend: GO LOCAL and the return to identity roots


Romania today is evolving. We gain more trust in oneself, positivity and even courage to fight own vulnerabilities and limitations. Within this context the confidence in Romania's potential for growth reached its highest level in the last years, so people feel the need to encourage the trend and do not let the moment pass without benefiting to the maximum

Even if redefined, the trend continues to reflect people's awareness and commitment to Romanian products and services, indicating support for the local economy and a focus on leveraging domestic resources. 2024 indicates the trend is more manifest than the years before.

Go local score card (Unlock Hunters survey, 2024)

What we found out

In recent years, we have observed the evolution of a trend aimed at elevating the value of Romania and its products, extending the concept of national pride beyond borders. This movement, coined as "Romania on the world map," has been characterised by people's growing confidence that products originating from Romania are just as valuable and competent as those from any other part of the world, particularly in comparison to Western economies.

In 2024, we have chosen to refine this trend to align more closely with the current reality and the evolving mindset of the people. We have noted that the emphasis on mere recognition has diminished, given its increased accessibility in today's interconnected world.Instead, there is a heightened desire among individuals to actively contribute to Romania's growth and invest in homegrown products.

Choosing local does not only mean investing in and strengthening Romanian economy, but it also means a sort of guarantee of the safety and authenticity of products, especially in the food area. Re-industrialisation, agricultural potential and the exploitation of Romania's technological competence are other areas in which people believe a lot and also support through consumption.

'Choose Local' is confirmed as being present in people's lives in 2024, which needs confirmation and encouragement in the future as well.

What people say

„I think that 10 years ago people were keen on leaving Romania and go abroad to make a better life for themselves.Nowadays along with all these crisis I have the impression that many come back and try to see what they can do at home to be better (for them and  for Romania). There is this tendency of going back to our roots and origins.”

“I feel proud when I see brands like eMag, Dedeman, 5to go etc.because these are brands that I know and enjoy using...and the fact they are constantly evolving and adapting makes me admire them for their resilience  and ambition”

“All these new young Romanian brands that appear on the market tell about us Romanians that we try to constantly adapt to new, that we are keen on keeping the pace with the world and that we are inventive. And what is more, they send this  vibe of the new generation- positive, with joie de vivre”

„Rather than pay a fee for a foreign product, you might as well sell your own."

"So much has been done and I see how much the city is growing. I was born and raised here in Oradea. It seems to me it's developed so much, it's a matter of personal pride."

"There is no need to shout loudly that they are a Romanian brand. They are already at the same level, at the same quality as foreign brands."

"I can say that I choose these products over foreign ones and that has brought me joy because there are quite a few companies that I prefer over those  from other countries."

60% of the Romanians representative of Gen Z say they do not want to leave Romania (Unlock, McKinsey survey 2023). 39% of the people say they buy local brands to support local economy almost always, while 38% say they buy products that respect the authentic manufacturing method, which indicate a strong tendency towards revaluing roots and traditional ways of manufacturing. It is not just an economical gesture, it is also linked to people's needs to protect and praise their identity (Unlock Hunters survey 2024)

Go local! No game, no pain.



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