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The cure of Positive Energy

Positive Energy

Romanian culture is a lot anchored in mistrust, vulnerability and lack of confidence. Generations on a row have seeded doubt in the collective mindset of Romanians, of course triggered by unpredictable circumstances that made individuals feel and act fueled by insecurity.

We say today that Romania shares the traits of a minor culture, where the individual feels rather unworthy and weak, whereas the external factors have power on him. That makes people in this country always feel powerless in front of life challenges, often starting any action with the presumption of guilt – “watch out whether something might happen to you”. As a consequence, people build connections in fear rather than with courage. And that is the source of toxicity in anything they do.

The last couple of crisis, and moreover the pandemic crisis, challenged this toxic view on life Romanians had before. When everything becomes dark around, you should fight for the light as there is no other option to survive. Overload of negativity, fear and doubt represented, by paradox, the kick-off for positive energy infusion in Romania as well.

But what is positive energy?

A constant conscious  effort to focus on things that supply your vital energy for life and resilience in front of things or people that absorb or consume you.

Associated behaviours

  • I have a regular sleep schedule.
  • I avoid buying brands that do not live up to their promises, consumers and employees.
  • I have an active / moving lifestyle - I walk on foot rather than with the means of transport, I go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator etc.
  • I consume food as diverse as possible to ensure as many nutrients as my body needs.
  • I eat cooked food at main meals.
  • I dedicate time to leisure activities that I enjoy - reading, watching a movie, gardening etc.
  • I consume as many local products as possible to support the economy.
  • I avoid working after hours / I respect my personal time.
  • I eliminate from my life those activities or people that are inappropriate for what is important to me.
  • I follow as many channels / peoples possible who talk about topics or areas of interest to me (eg related to hobbies, passions, finance etc).
  • I focus my energy on activities that make my life more enjoyable.
  • I remember being grateful for what I have.
  • I also listen to the point of view others before issuing an opinion / judgment.
  • I give thanks to those who helped me.
  • I am less impulsive when making a decision / making informed decisions (eg waiting 24 hours before buying something new).
  • I save money.
  • I give time to my passions such as artistic activities, education etc.
  • I understand and accept my emotions and make informed decisions / taking this into account.
People admit that acquiring and maintaining positive energy in life is a 1800 switch button and require constant effort of replacing old toxic habits to good ones:
From chaos to healthy routines. From complaining to expressing gratitude. From comfort and passivity to active lifestyle & sports. From being always compliant with what others ask from you to setting your priorities in order.

Secondly, maintaining positive energy in Romania asks for double effort, as it is currently opposing the culture. Being and staying positive is still seen as underdog positioning versus life in Romania, as the main collective though is that “life has given us lemons, what’s to like”

And thirdly, times of crisis and unpredictability are bound to put people’s resistance to the test. Even more so when the crisis is a health one, that makes people realize their own fragility. Feelings of anxiety and even anger rise, while people struggle to make sense of their new context and understand how they can move forward in this new reality. But prolonged stress can have negative effects on the mind and body, and people understand more and more that they have the power to manage this at an individual level. Positive energy becomes in such a context a survival mechanism of each person, with no expectations from outside. Expecting for others to offer you the positivity you are missing is the beginning of toxicity and sickness. 58% of the Romanians consciously think people today choose to immerse into activities that make them happy and when they practice gratitude everyday, they build healthy habits for the soul.

Positive Energy

  • Gratitude
  • Tolerance
  • Love
  • Openness
  • Empathy
  • Acceptance
  • Responsibility


  • Motivation to act, change and involve
  • Kindness and love
  • Self acceptance and understanding
  • Wisdom
  • Try to see the world through a better lens – see the full half of the moon
  • Life gives you back what give in – always share positivity around you
  • Keep around people with good vibes – stay away from bad mood, free and
    useless negativity / hate

Brand typology - Vitamin Aqua


Self empowerment, find a way to inspire people to do something in the direction of living for positive energy – for the kind of energy they want to gain and live with, talk about the good things we can do for the dear ones or for the environment / society , release stress / clear minds, recharge yourself with good vibe/ energy.

Shape / Format

Luxuriant, colorful, vivid, full of life and exuberance, easy to decode/ understand, straightforward.

Brand Credo

Positive energy is a lifestyle. It is present all around your world, we can help you achieve, maintain and enjoy. Our brand is giving you all the ingredients for the perfect dish.



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