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Take your time to think and choose what's best for you

2020 brought one of the most overwhelming experiences for the whole humanity, in a time when humans were more wired, mobile and invincible than ever. Or believed they were.  Before pandemic crisis aroused, life was mainly about “there is no I can’t do”, “the boundaries are all in your head. You can do whatever you wish for”, “you can do more, you can do anything”. I am still a supporter of these urges. Far from me to deny them now. I do not just apply them, I also preach them. But what I didn’t think of was the loses of this life philosophy. Those loses that whether you assume without complaining or you stop and sort them out. 

However, it was not necessary to make this choice ourselves as life forced us to stop even against our own will. This pandemic deprived us of many things, but also offered one of the most valuable gift: the time for reflection. We had time in 2020. We cannot complain on this. And life had a different rhythm.  

We learned that all this global trauma that it’s not over yet helped us eventually to evolve. The time for reflection freed our mind to plan thoroughly what to do after the pick of the crisis will fade away. We learned to accept masks, to wash our hands frequently, to instinctively maintain social distance. We almost adopted these behaviours as normal, to be maintained in the future, so as to live better.  

But the most important achievements are those that have long term impact. Those that sketch a different world, a world that focuses on obtaining and maintaining a balanced living for all, together.  Even if the intentions are not directly declared yet, we know and feel that people already revised their priority list when they think of their future life. They believe they will travel, work and chose houses to live in a completely different manner than before this crisis. 

The world that is rebuilt ahead our eyes will add new terms and perspectives in our day to day vocabulary We just name below 9 directions that people tend to use while resetting their lives post pandemic:   


…as a new way to see the world, considering the consumption of resources.  Protecting the environment, the climate, the fauna and flora, means not just health for the planet but also for the human body. Hybrid life is a form of dieting for a healthier ecosystem, by respecting the parameters of rational consumption.  The pandemic crisis, for example, generated a raising interest in buying electric or hybrid cars as a way to fundament the learnings we gathered during this time.  

Living in suburbs 

… running away from the city, far from urban agglomeration. Resetting  the ties with nature become the new definition of a safe and quiet living. The request for larger spaces, in less crowded areas, grew a lot in 2020 and will probably continue to grow, considering the fact people expect new pandemic crisis in the future.  Future living in micro-communities where everybody knows everybody and each family has enough space to enjoy themselves make more sense for the upcoming future. Consequently, the centre of the city might become a major area for gatherings, socialisation and entertainment, whereas city suburban satellites will be well organised bedrooms, surrounded  by serenity and fresh air   

Work from anywhere

…became a reality in 2020. And worked so well that many companies prepare total reshuffle of the HR politics and work procedures. Moreover, work from home during lockdown might easily transform in work from anywhere, implying an extraordinary mobility of the employees who can take as many holidays as they want. We might assume that this extraordinary life flexibility will contribute much more to the overall happiness of the people and, consequently, to their efficiency in work

Emotional independence 

This is the trend with the highest growth in Hunters 2021 and maybe the biggest discovery Romanians made along the year. The tendency might be easily translated as people need to find internal anchors so that they can overcome easier difficult times.  The sanitary crisis this year proved that there is a very fine line in life between absurd & impossible on one hand and reality & possible, on the other. This really shacked even the most optimistic people on Earth. People learned that the most important thing in life is to protect themselves, to have a backup plan, to save money, to be more flexible from professional point of view, to adapt easier, to develop new abilities. In one word, to become more independent, mainly emotionally, which will trigger financial, work, entertainment and relational independence as well

Travel as way of living 

The biggest loss of the pandemic time was the fact people mobility was drastically diminished, and so the dream of world exploration faded away.  Travelling has acquired in the last years a real therapeutic value, becoming food for the brain and soul, charging people batteries with positive energy. The biggest torture was not the lack of travelling, but rather the impossibility to plan them and the lack of perspective.  As the crisis reduces its attack, the travelling promises to come back as priority stronger than before, especially in the context of work from anywhere conditions. People imagine in the near future they might be able to travel anytime, without missing their job. And so travelling becomes a way of living  


Strongly connected to the emotional independence, the prosumer might become a significant source of financial immunity. People felt more than ever the need to open new doors and use their abilities to produce more value.  “you own a piece of land, than harvest something”, “you know how to play an instrument, teach others”.  All these become multiple sources of financial gains  and personal definition with significant role in getting a plus of immunity.  

Everyday sustainability 

This is another positive consequence of the sanitary crisis. This period of time has demonstrated once again how important is for everybody to become more disciplined in maintaining a cleaner and safer climate and that there is everybody’s responsibility to protect the space they are living in. People are actively more interested in recycling and sources of alternative energy and most probably the consumption will be heavily impacted by this in the near future 

Brand as a producer of resources 

The pandemic changed a lot the perception on what a valuable brand is. It also revised the definition of wealth and profit. That because now, more than ever, the expression “with great power comes great responsibility” amplified its meaning.   Brands that will chose to invest in creating resources in the future for the sake of the environment will be the brands with increasing reputation and immunity.  


…or differently said, “amplification of the truth” . The traumas have this role, to push people ahead, guided by things that are really important and authentic in life. During times of comfort and harmony we end up gathering lots of experience or things that do not necessary bring value to our life. On the contrary, in time, they end up draining us out of energy. This crisis help us discharge negativity and keep what is good, clean and true around us. 


Covid19 pandemic crisis and 2020 produced, through the gravity of the events, a gigantic moment of truth. During this time people learned that it is in their power to choose the authentic way in life  and invest in their own immunity. This crisis the perception that the human, through his nature, is vulnerable, that life is fragile, in general, and that there is no better way to protect yourself than protecting the others as well. Without, however, losing our soul.



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