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Is not you, it's me! Me and my personal immunity

Immunity, is it boring or cool?

One of the most preeminent consequences of the pandemic in Romania was the fact that it put on the table a subject ignored for so many years “how’s our immunity, as nation or as individuals?”. Many years Romanians have complained about being the Cinderella of Europe, blaming country’s location (far east), the history, their uneducated co-habitants, corrupt politicians, the arrogance of the West and so on … all these were causes of their bad luck and misfortune.

Feeling so weak and blaming external conditions for all the failures or blockages did nothing but erode in years one key ingredient for success: inner confidence. Being born with a damaged self-esteem, succeeding or planning on long term seemed like an impossible dream for the majority of Romanians. Those who dared to dream further were rather considered crazy undisciplined or chose to emigrate.

Just like any crisis brings opportunities, so it did for Romanians. The last two major global crisis, the financial one in 2008 and the 2020 two years pandemic, taught major lessons to the people living in this country. The first and the most important one: Romanians are not less fortunate than others, we are all equally vulnerable when crisis strike. In life and death. As a paradox, this freed people of the complex of coming from a minor ex-communist culture and forced them focus on acknowledging their inner value. In 2022 we face a significant increase of self-confidence (61% believe in themselves and self-control), while the level of trust in institutions, as well as overall in the future of Romania registers a significant decrease. As a result of this tension, the IMMUNITY trend becomes a top priority for 2022 onwards.

But what that Immunity means? With a confirmation score of 61% and 31% active trenders, Immunity is among to 5 main trends of 2022. Surprisingly, it does not refer only to health, but all aspects of life that requires resilience: financial, metal health, emotional resistance, body shape etc. It is the first and more pre-eminent manifestation of long-term planning in a culture of serendipity like Romania is. The pandemic crisis made a lot of space for reflection in the collective mindset. Answering questions like “spend or save?”, “carpe diem or discipline”, “prevent or cure”, “luck or hard work” are currently subjects of public debate that promise to change the way Romanians operate and design their future

We deep dived into the subject of Immunity, wanting to find more about its real nature and consistency as expressed by Romanians. To our surprise it is not far from the essence of the culture: Romanians aspire to freedom and liberation as they did before, only the tools are different. Now the key to freedom, liberation, good life and relaxation comes from “taking proper care of your money, be their friend, not their abuser”, “protect your body, keep it toned so as to help you stay happy”, “focus on positive energy so as to attract positive energy”

Associated behaviors

  • I have an active / moving lifestyle - I walk on foot rather than with the means of transport, I go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator etc.
  • Consume as many fresh products as possible (vegetables, fruits) with a short expiration date (less processes).
  • I consume food as diverse as possible to ensure as many nutrients as my body needs.
  • I eat cooked food at main meals.
  • I have a regular sleep schedule.
  • I dedicate time to leisure activities that I enjoy - reading, watching a movie, gardening etc.
  • I avoid working after hours / I respect my personal time.
  • I avoid wasting time with less important activities - eg. Shopping, transit to work, etc.
  • I am less impulsive when making a decision / making informed decisions (eg. Waiting 24 hours before buying something new).
  • I save money.
  • I give time to my passions such as artistic activities, education etc.
  • I also listen to the point of view of others before issuing an opinion / judgement.
  • I do not take any criticism or outburst personally, I try to understand the emotions / states of others.
  • I understand and accept my emotions and make informed decisions / taking this into account.
  • I detach myself from the negative and critical people around me.
  • I give thanks to those that helped me.
Following the definitions given by people, the emotion behind Immunity is more about openness, freedom and relaxation than about control. People see it as a new and more robust coping mechanism with uncertainty and mistrust, a way to maintain internal locus of control in a world where change becomes the only constant

Immunity per se promises to become a new standard of balanced life and welfare, as it sets the ground for Romanians to expand their dreams and wishes while rooting better their feet on the ground
This time by their one will power, without expecting help from external sources (as this makes them truly vulnerable).

After all the challenges the crisis put people through, Romanians see for the first time in a consistent manner the benefits of planning & discipline. Following rules could not be that boring and ineffective in the end, but the authentic key to freedom and welfare. If all people would take care of their immunity, the whole nation will become stronger. It up to people to let go of the fear they are the only ones doing the right thing.

Positive Energy

  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Strength
  • Health
  • Self confidence
  • Freedom of thinking & acting  
  • Color & brightness
  • Caring for the environment
  • Positive


  • Balanced nutrition. Healthy
  • Sport. Physical condition
  • Endurance. Resilience
  • Power
  • Sense of togetherness
  • Protection & care
  • Responsibility towardspeople and society
  • Sustainable lifestyle – reuse, recycle, reduce waste
  • Vitality
  • Passions. Hobbies
  • Dedication to a cause
  • Family

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