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In trend: smart living as the new type of welfare

Published 9.05.2023

Smart living is not just a new trend in 2023 but also one of the strongest ones, promising to shape our existence in the years to come. It came strong as an idea in 2022, but we see healthy growth in 2023, the platform itself developing new manifestation, with strong impact in the way people plan and manage their life

Fundamentally, smart living is driven by needs such as avoiding waste, saving resources, boosting resilience, and remaining balanced.

The pandemic years and the unpredictability that followed made people more aware of what they need and what’s a whim & waste, thus life today should have as ense, meaning and purpose. Otherwise, why to spend energy or money on something that is shallow and brings no ROI (of any type)?

We collected lots of examples of smart living in 2022 and beginning of 2023 and we continue to do so this year too. We enjoy seeing how the concept itself transforms into a new way of living (at individual level) shaping in this way the future of the society as a whole

The change of mindset opens strong innovation territories which indicate GROWTH MARKETS. If you are wondering about how far Romania is from these, we say it is pretty close, as people learn very fast when they understand the major benefit behind.

Following latest research, and as we’ve noted above, we declined smart living into four distinctive platforms:

1. Save resources. There is no smart living unless you save some money, energy, time, or any other resource that can     be stocked and re-used when necessary. People tend to buy latest technological innovations to save costs and consumption and thus feeling they’ve upgraded their living standard

2. Avoid waste - People tend to stay away from consuming extra with no clear benefit attached to it. They tend to cut on the unnecessary costs and diminish the waste, trying to stock and consume everything they bought before buying new products. They try to give up to updates if something is still functioning, they are trying to buy only the necessary good and stick with the list. And they are proud of managing to do so

3. Boost resilience. Smart living also implies making decisions that guarantees long term immunity – whether these are health, financial or consumption related.  People are just making decisions about consumption than puts them in comfort and helps them to plan further their life, even in context of unpredictability

4. Remain balanced - make decision that imply healthy mind and peaceful spirit, that puts people in a safe bubble protected from negative energies


As noted before, these territories are just opening in front of us to be populated with solutions, as the new man today is definitely welcoming any idea that help him enjoy life while staying safe and sane.



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