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In trend: nostalgia or search for truth in our roots?

Published 4.05.2023

People and businesses are passing through a period of foggy transformation, thus information can play a clarifying role into setting a strategy forward and "feeling" the right direction. How people feel about their life today and how they make decisions? How they relate to past, present and future? What are the sources of creative energy? We selected below some research ideas, mainly focusing on the role of the past and what's lays beneath the apparent nostalgia.

Present is all we have. The last two years and half made people very much aware of the fact that live is full of unpredictability and past and future become irrelevant as they live only in people’s minds.  When such an awakening takes place, people realise that the present moment is the only one they hold control on, thus being connected with your now and create it to be as good as possible becomes your happiness formula

Say the truth. As present becomes the only reliable evidence, saying the truth, as brutal and risky as it might appear, becomes key strategy to attain presence and authentic connection. Once the world we see is full of uncertainty, truth and present become essential tools to sustain balance and survival

Growing up and awakening comes with peace of mind and balance. Searching for truth and focusing on present most of the times come with the struggle of accepting that your irrational dreams and desires have been toxic or fake and the wisest decision is to let them go. Peace of mind comes with a conscious surrender in front of uncontrolled irrational desires

In the era of awakening, where is the fun and enthusiasm? It lays in our past, in our carefree times, when we were “young and innocent”. Growing up brings balance but takes away the drive to let go completely – drink a lot, eat a lot, sleep less as tomorrow is another day. What if tomorrow never comes, we have today to take care of. And maybe tomorrow we’ll be ok. So, where is the fun today? It does not “feel” very well, as carefree enthusiasm seems so shallow and such a waste  

Our past archives our pictured memories of innocent fun and enthusiasm. The truth is that we can access it and make it present whenever we feel the need. We do not live in the past; we do not go back as nostalgia feeling might suggest. There is no melancholy attached to it today. It is just a conscious search for truth about positive feelings in our past that we want to carry with us in our present and maintain their relevance and continuity

Eternal fun picture memories

Picnics with very close friends, board games, cards, sleep overs, pyjama parties, cooking together, movie nights, trips to the mountains, playing sports & fun together, they all came back in our present because they are proofs of authentic fun living within people roots and we want to make them eternal by giving them space in our present and pass them over to new generations

So, is this nostalgia? Or search for truth in our roots to complete the need for authenticity today? We believe the second is valid. Search for truth in our roots completes the picture of who we are today and fills us with energy for who we want to become.



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