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Hunters Best Wishes for 2024

Until we will make selfies on the Moon, let's see what fresh news we have for next year.

Hunters 2024 is ready to be launched in January 2024, with a full list of trends waiting to be explained, detailed and measured.

Until then, we have the pleasure of sharing with you our first insights and discoveries from this year research wave

Romanians worry less

The list of worries we monitored in the last year shows signs of weakening concerns as these are on a slight descending trend. The highest one remains "the financial status", yet people got control on it, so nothing is aggravating for the moment

The level of confidence in the future of Romania, on short or long term, is on an increasing trend

The data in the infographic refer to the % of people that have high trust in Romania's future and the trend indicates a big positive leap from 2023 (from 15% to 23% on short term, from 21% to 26% on long term). Probably 2023 produced more positive events in Romania than before which contributed to an overall increase of optimism.

It is to be noted that the confidence index (meaning the difference between high trust and low trust) has been negative all this time. That means we registered more people with low trust that those with high trust in the future, yet 2024 shows a positive trend which needs to be stressed. It is even expected the confidence index in Romania's long term future will reach its parity in 2024. In other world, even the pessimists are relaxing a bit.

The trust in institutions continues to be led by SMURD. Like people say "we can handle anything and, in case of extra emergency, there is SMURD to help". All the other institutions that offer protection are also on top of the hierarchy: army, church. NGOs, police. The trust in media and politics remains low like in previous years

The list of Romanians wishes for 2024 is very similar with the ones in 2023. Romanians continue to wish for holidays and healthy living, but putting more focus on covering debts and releasing the financial pressure. Nevertheless, data indicate people continue to stay focused on boosting their resilience and enjoying as much as possible what life has to offer, in a world where material achievement lost parts of its charm or magnetism

In 2024 we also had specific interest in understanding better current status of fundamental cultural challenges Romanians fought with for years

One of that was the old dilema: should I be the smartest one in the room or should I dare to surround myself with smarter people?

When asked which variant they would chose, the majority (63%) said they would chose to be the weak one in a smart team. Yet, when asked what Romanians would chose, the answers were more balanced, but in favour of being the smartest one in a weak team (55%). That tell us we do not believe that as a society we are yet prepared for collective progress and solidarity, but at least we make small steps forward in that respect.

Another cultural challenge we focused on this year was related to the social encouragement status in Romania. For years Romanians have been tormented by not feeling supported and encouraged to develop in their own country, their home and family. Many say their childhood has been traumatised by being told they will not succeed every time they wanted to try something different or daring. The new generations are very much aware of the importance of positive feedback and encouragement, but the change comes in very small steps. The data we gathered indicate how deep is actually the crisis of encouragement culture in Romania. Only 7% of the people say they were rarely or never discouraged and almost 1/4 say they were heavily discouraged every-time they wanted to do something... anything. The culture of fear of failure is still the dominant one and definitely needs encouragement from outside to change. In this way lots of high potential success stories, personal or collective, could be "saved from discouragement" for the benefit of us all.

We leave you to read the data thoroughly, enjoy them, but do not forget to enjoy what is the most valuable thing for anybody: your own life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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