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The Podcast Revolution

Latest studies show a constant, steady and consistent transformation of people and the way they relate to spare time, entertainment and personal development.

The pandemic offered people the gift of self awareness, which came with time for reflexion and desire for solitude (translated as “not so many social activities”). People got used to spend more time in their intimate lives and listen to their inner voice much more than in the past

How often / how much time you listen to podcasts? N:375

Within this context, entertainment gathers new forms of manifestation, aligned a more reflexive human being. And one these is podcasting

Podcasts are self development via edutainment

Listening to ”my preferred podcasts” represent a new, yet highly involving and rewarding form of having fun, amplified consistently by the pandemic isolation.  They stay relevant and growing even today, when people have the freedom to do whatever they want with their spare time. It seems they would even trade fun with friends with listening to a podcast, as they feel the reward is high. There are several benefits for taking almost more than 2 h of their time to dive into an uncensored discussion between interesting people:

POSITIVE ENERGY. You can replace mentally numbed moments (in the car, before sleep, when waiting for someone, when in public transport) with intellectually active & fun moments. That contributes to their overall positive energy

SELF SEEKING. You learn new things from others’ experiences or knowledge in a way that was not possible before podcasts. New perspectives are just opening in your brain in a non-invasive fun way. Some say they already apply pieces of advices or information they get from podcasts in their own life, improving it

DARE VULNERABILITY. You enjoy authentic entertainment. One gets to see raw, unfiltered content and conversations about life with public people they did not know that well before.And that gives them the courage to look at their life with more courage and consistency, assuming who they are without feeling frustrated or intimidated, as all people are equally vulnerable

SEARCH FOR AUTHENTICITY. Meeting new, interesting, authentic people and their extraordinary stories. People say podcasts with such people are like reading a book, but getting more involved with the plot as it is delivered by the enliven character.

main podcast brands

People identify different types of podcasts:

Fun podcasts: Bobonete, Oprisan

Adrenaline& passion podcasts: Horia Brenciu, Andi Moisescu

Spiritual &Self development: Damian Draghici, Mihai Morar

Business Intelligence: Stefan Mandachi

Technical and know-how: Buhnici

Easy going friendly conversations: Speak

Fun & can-can: Maruta, Tibulca, Jorge  

What podcasts are you listening to? open questions N:375

This is for the moment the landscape of podcasts as described by people, but the category is under development. Competition is high, yet transformational, as one should definitely deliver value in order to keep their viewers involved for more that 2 hours.

We assume the power and influence of podcasts will continue to grow, as people define them as valuable edutainment. They stand for the emerging facets of media, consistent, enlightening, authentic and uncensored. Podcasts create a space where people want to be (some already are there), while brands continue to miss the date with their customers. We will continue adding information on the topic of ”podcasts’ revolution” while accepting people change their lives while exposed to real authentic human to human connection. As empath is saying as well, we cultivate authentic connections.



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