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How difficult is it to stay connected with immediate reality?

The journey to “the center of the Earth” to reconnect with the immediate reality

There is no doubt the society we live in today is putting a lot of pressure on life in general to remain true, simple and safe. We are all living in a gigantic multi-levels hive, facing lots of difficulties to encapsulate all that’s happening around us. There is much more stimulation around than we can operate with, at emotional level. Maybe the hardware of our brains can stock milliards of info and stimuli, yet our senses really get tired. Day by day people realize how complex and crowded the universe they live in became and how difficult (if not impossible) is to stay connected to your self, your inner world. From metaverse to spirituality, the spectrum of choices is enormous and everything seems to be available for individual choice. Yet, how you make your choices? What’s there for you? Where are you? How do you connect with true self?
These are strong dilemmas of the modern world. It is very difficult to live your life in peace and work on your happiness without having open access to your roots.
The pandemic time, as in many cases, offered people time for reflection, for asking themselves essential questions and trying to find answers. Very often answers found people before they were able to. During lockdown people were forced by circumstance to stay outside the artificial universe their minds have created (businesses, work, fun, shopping) and discover something very simple sitting under their nose: the planet – nature, animals, water, their body.  One might say – this is not a discovery as people knew they were there before pandemic. That’s true, but what the pandemic changed is the quality of this relationship. It is one thing to be aware of the things around you but live disconnected, and another one to plug in to the real source of life: nature + your body + social energy = living the now.

Humanity is now challenged to move from knowing things (too many!) to feeling (the essential!) and still moving forward, integrating all we’ve achieved good so far. The process itself is far from being easy. Like Jules Verne was saying, people have started their own journey to the center of Earth where we believe the source of life is (if we accept this as a metaphor). People are actively looking for solutions to make their journey a success, but they must invest constant effort to stay on the path of connection with reality as is.

Associated behaviours

  • I avoid eating late (after 7) or I try to keep a certain amount of time in which I do not eat (I fast intermittently)
  • I have a regular sleep schedule
  • I take short breaks during the work schedule to relax my body and mind
  • I avoid buying brands that do not live up to their promises, consumers and employees
  • When I am traveling I try to get in touch with the spirit of the place and thus learn as much as possible about the local culture
  • I think every night about the good things that happened during the day and not the bad things
  • I have an active / moving lifestyle - I walk on foot rather than with the means of transport, I go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, etc
  • Consume as many fresh products as possible (vegetables, fruits)/ with a short expiration date {less processed)
  • I consume food as diverse as possible to ensure as many nutrients as my body needs
  • I eat cooked food at main meals
  • I dedicate time to leisure activities that I enjoy - reading, watching a movie, gardening, etc.
  • I consume as many local products as possible to support the economy
  • I avoid working after hours / I respect my personal time
  • I eliminate from my life those activities or people that are inappropriate for what is important to me
  • I follow as many channels / people as possible who talk about topics or areas of interest to me (e.g. related to hobbies, passions, finance, etc.)
  • I focus my energy on activities that make my life more enjoyable
  • I remember being grateful for what I have
One important change that people made is that of paying more attention to the body as being “the package” they live in. The more you are connected to your body, the better you live in general


  • Disconnect to reconnect – disconnect from negative and stress, reconnect to what it really matters
  • Restructure the puzzle of life – rearrange, put in order, re- prioritise
  • Face the truth about reality –admit, accept, take action!
  • Choose between your options: it is up to you to what reality you reconnect
  • Focus on values with enrich your life – put a barrier between bad reality – good reality

Brand Example - Adidas


Stop wasting energy and time on reality aspects which does not matter (focus more on family and self – passions, hobbies etc.), leave behind everything weights down your mind and spirit. Focus on your body and the connection with it and the universe that created us.

Shape / Format

Rather profound and evasive, playful and tonic, talking about miscellaneous but never in your face, never too straightforward, without putting pressure. Staying familiar and non-invasive

Brand Credo

You know which are the truly important and essential things in your life, we do not have to show to you! We just say: hey, look for what is important to you and we will support you reaching those things. Our brand is supporting things you believe in.



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