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Every successful Romanian brand is a Romania's succes story


Romania has a long history of mistrust and lack of confidence. People have blamed for years our lack of lack and wrong geographical location, blocking people to meet their true potential. It is a fact that people living in this space of the world have always aspired to freedom of movement and expression, connection and openness. Moreover, they have proven in years they posses a good and strong collective mental, able to adapt and find solutions to any difficulty life may offer. In research we often refer to Romanians as trapped into the "zero culture syndrom": pro attitude (let's do it)+ minus behaviour (who takes the risk?) which was often the responsible for all our blockages or inertia

However, the last years marked by global crisis triggered a spiritual awakening in Romania as well, guiding people toward a road of trust and optimism much more aligned to the natural self and aspirations

People understood, after multiple experiences, that the source of energy and resilience is supported by the positive connection with everything that relates to your roots, including the country and they family you were born on to.

This is why in Hunters Trend Report we call Romanian on the World Map as one important trend that needs encouragement as we are facing a moment of positive reconnection with our past which gives us strength to grow in the future. It is like Romania gets energy from all the strength this people accumulated in years and it is now prepared more than ever for healthy growth

Ro on the World Map means strong connection with our roots

What it takes to grow as much as your potential allows

A strong belief that you deserve to be there and that you have enough to offer, and that implies trusting in the qualities of the products and brands you create. for the moment, people say Romanian brands are on a growing trends, benefiting of important assets such as: growing start up community / financing programs for entrepreneurs / lower operational costs / richness and abundance of natural and human resources / higher consumer interest in local products "this is a country with many resources and we better support local entrepreneurs than import from others" / high quality expectancies, highly demanding public

There are also lots of pitfalls Romanian brands encounter in their way towards development, which people name as blockages of growth: high bureaucracy, difficult to obtain financing, low level of financial education, local production still under the level of imports, unsatisfactory infrastructure, no solid entrepreneurial culture.

Romanian brands say who we are

The study we ran in 2023 on the impact of Romanian brands, old and new, on the development of Romania as a healthy economy shows that the relationship between people and local brands transcends a simple transaction: "looking at all these brands, old and new, I feel so proud because I know them, I use them, I admire their attention to details, I like their taste, I appreciate they move on and adapt new times". People see Romanian brands as an extension of who they are and are proud of the fact these excel to the level of expectancies people have.

Brands also have an educational role, as they communicate something good and progresive about us. Brands can definitely impact positively the vibe and spirit of a society, they communicate how well a society feels about expressing its identity and value to the world.


The full report on current status of Romanian brands, qualitative and quantitative, can be downloaded for free on the section Downloads on this site. Enjoy!



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