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We need fresh leaders for Romania

Published 28.02.2023

Being a leader in Romania is an important mission, this is why it is important to know what Romanians really expect from this social status. The latest report on Hunters(2023) includes fresh data on what Romanians expect from a leader. Thus, the most important quality that a leader must have in the Romanians' view is that of being realistic, being connected to reality (74%). A leader must be up to date with the changes in society, with the latest news. This makes him informed, and an informed person is a person connected to reality which you can count on.

Another important and expected characteristic of a leader is that of being honest and transparent (74%). Romanians want to stop being "nicely" lied to, they need to be told the truth, not to hide information or situations from them.

The third important characteristic of a leader is to be responsible, to act in favor of the people who trust them (73%). People need to know that they have a support, a person who is with them and proves to them that the trust received from people matters and must be preserved through concrete actions.

Two other important characteristics of a leader are: to have a long-term vision, to know the direction where they want to go (73%), and to know how to involve people and make them responsible for what they have to do (71% ).

Features of a leader

Based on the attitudes towards the expectations that Romanians have from a leader, we identified 3 types of leaders: THE ONE OF US, THE PROTECTOR and THE DIPLOMAT.

THE ONE OF US are those leaders who have a pleasant personality and act as they are very involved with the life of his citizens. They offer an example of balanced character and managerial skills; at the same time, they inspire confidence as they managed to convince people that they are "one of them". They lead through charisma mainly. Their public is mainly formed by women, 35-55 y.o, especially from Muntenia and Ardeal, more likely to be married, with kids, white collars with medium-high education and low and medium incomes.

THE PROTECTOR is described by being very connected to reality and having a long-term vision regarding his projects. He is a responsible revolutionary character and is preferred mainly by people aged 35-44y.o., secondary 45-55 y.o., from Bucharest or Moldova. Usually married, without kids having higher education and working as white collars and managerial, with high incomes.

The third type is THE DIPLOMAT who speaks several foreign languages ​​and has many connections and relationships. These make him suitable to make connections and relations with international leaders around the world.

Knowing what Romanians need and expect from their leaders makes us understand what values and beliefs are predominant in present society and can help us better foresee how Romanians expect the society to be led.

These data offer a perspective on what is the best leadership positioning in a society that suffers a lot of lack of vision and empathy coming from its leaders and that is asking for relevant authority for so many years already.



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