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2020, switching from plans to actions

The third Hunters edition finds the Romanian society in a quite sensitive spot. In the past years we could see an exceptional dynamic in everything relating to mental progress, world understanding, values and principles, while this year is surprising mainly through its calm. Could this mean that social change is taking a break? How does profound social change actually look and feel like?

This seems to be the main theme of the past year. It looks like people are searching for solutions to integrate the 2017-2018 epiphanies into a wider, more complex process of building their long-term life.

From vision to results

In order to understand where we are today, we need to remember the effervescence that accompanied this mass valoric calibration. The protest years were also spiritual awakening years. Psychologically, Romanians manages to identify mental barriers that were holding them back and break them one by one. What resulted from this process was a long term vision and a life direction.

Now, the biggest challenge for Romanians is making that vision into reality , and for this they will need more than just perseverance – they have to find the tactics and methods that can make their life align as best as possible to the strategy they’ve established. This stage is somehow less glamorous and aspirational than the preceding one – in stead of the emotional explosion that comes with “Eureka” moments, people now have to deal with the more tedious work and routine that comes with accomplishing objectives.

Not to be understood as a loss in people’s interest towards making things better. On the contrary, they are just starting to feel, at last, the peace and satisfaction brought by work well done, work with a purpose.

Towards balance

On the other hand, their interior battle has not reached an end. In 2020, Romanians face one of their biggest challenges – to find the optimum balance between expectations and resources. In the past years, people spent a lot of time trying to figure out who they are, what they truly value and what they really want. Many expectations that resulted from this “revolution” are inspirational and idealistic.

Now, people have to adjust their dreams to reality, to what is possible and human, to integrate their wishes for the future with more pragmatic actions, so as to be able to fully take responsibility and enjoy their life. It’s about a complex self-balancing process, greatly energy-consuming, that shows less external signs and is more relevant to the internal discourse.

The need to balance also drives people to seek a clearer view on both benefits and drawbacks that their newly-chosen life directions might have. Too many people, the right direction is to discover and follow their passion, that which makes them truly happy and fulfilled. However, today they also need to be able to accept less pleasant effects, such as a possible blockage generated by the hyper-selectivity that comes with such a direction.

Does this mean we, as a society, have reached a plateau in terms of evolution? Probably not. More likely, we are in a stage of breaking strategy into appropriate actions, being aware that this phase will require work and perseverance and also being ready to put in the effort needed to build a society we can be proud of.



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