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Enjoy a 3 month free trial for all new pro members
Enjoy a 3 month free trial for all new pro members
Enjoy a 3 month free trial for all new pro members
Enjoy a 3 month free trial for all new pro members
Enjoy a 3 month free trial for all new pro members

2020 gave us back the space for self reflection

2020 finds us in a calm moment, a time of constructive peace of mind, a year when all the latest spiritual awakenings have acquired more sense for the people.

Romanians have learned a lot about themselves and about life in general in all these years of “free market adventures”. They have learned how to control their enthusiasm, how to wisely plan their steps, how to inform themselves before making a choice, how to select the best moment to start implementing a plan, how to conserve their energy for constructive relationships and move away from toxic ones, that waste their vibe before time.

They’ve also learned that positive emotions are the most important resource for a good life. And that as long as you enjoy your own life, it does not matter how much money you have, what’s written on your visit card, what kind of people you know or who recognises your value. You are simply in harmony with yourself, your body, the people around you, those who complete you, motivate you and offer their support. People have learned as well how to avoid or block the toxic zones, how to protect themselves from what threatens their inner balance. Some gave up losing their time in front of TV, others tried to reduce duration in social media, others read more, stayed more time in nature, practiced meditation and reflection, or simply spent quality time in the company of the people they like.  Many changed their job completely in a moment in life many would have thought of retirement. 

This tendency to finding their true selves and rebuilding the authentic emotional connection with the others is still under construction. It is like people have planned to take this road and have made only the first, very shy steps. They think twice before investing total trust in a project or in a relationship and they always work with the backup plan in their mind: find the perfect relationship, job, project.  Nothing wrong with this until they become victims of their own skepticism and mistrust, which blocks their discovery journey in its attempt to find perfection of authenticity and real emotion. As a consequence, people might not recognise what they really want in real time, as they are continuously tempted by this world “full of opportunities” and the tiring question “what if … something else”

Luckily there is another aspect that seems to help people continue this introspective trip, irrespective of how hard it is.  Indirectly, of course. This refers to aligning to common life principles that do good to us all. For example, the most dynamic trend this year seems to be the one related to preserving our environment clean and the planet safe. The public discussions in the last year have contributed a lot to amplifying this topic which seemed rather unimportant for Romanians in the past

We could consider this as our national fundamental trait: we are apparently inert until somebody starts communicating to us in an intense and meaningful way. At that moment people rapidly engage in actions with significant social impact, which is like a Romanian superpower 

That’s because Romanians are like those very talented kids lacking confidence, that need permanent encouragement and support from outside to tell them how good and valuable they are for helping them meet their true potential 

Knowing all these about people, we believe Hunters is our way to encourage the social good, through sociological research. And to finally encourage this inner discovery journey that just started in Romania, as well as in other parts of the world, and that can do so much good to people on a longer run 

This yearly project shows us how our future could look like. It also tells us that is our choice what road we chose, of all the possible routes, for being better in our lives.



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